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The Fulda Winter Control brings safe driving for trucks and buses and economy

The Fulda Winter Control is a new development of Fulda for use as a steering axle tyre for winter use in trucks and buses. For good handling in winter conditions of Fulda Winter Control has increased traction and particularly good grip in snow and ice.

Several innovations make the Fulda Winter Control for increased mileage and good traction properties

The driving characteristics, the Fulda Winter Control presented with good handling. The increased lateral stability makes these winter tyres when cornering safer, which applies even in wintry road conditions. With innovative technology and profile contour of the tread compound, the mileage is increased. The rugged construction of the Fulda Winter Control makes the tyre highly suitable for retreading. At the same time this combination of increased traction and improved braking behavior that is very reliable due to the increased adhesion to wet and on snowy roads makes.

The profile design supports low wear and good handling characteristics in winter

The tread of the winter Fulda Control consists of a particularly wide profile that consists of five ribs. The Fulda Winter Control has a special design for the tyre shoulders. Radial fins and grooves provide improved traction in wet and snowy. Furthermore, they have good self-cleaning properties. Improved grip and increased lateral stability, not least in winter conditions also bring the staggered tread blocks. With a regular distribution of the pressure of manufacturers reached Fulda for the Winter Control uniform wear of the tyre tread and thus extending the life of the tyre. The specially shaped tread grooves are stone repellent and improve wet traction.

The Fulda Winter Control was redeveloped as a steering axle tyre for trucks and buses for use in winter. In winter conditions with rain, snow and ice, the Fulda Winter Control proved by its good handling and its particularly good traction properties.

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