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Fulda Variotonn - strong running performance off the road

The Fulda Variotonn shows both on paved roads and in the fields a strong running performance. This is thanks to numerous good handling characteristics with which these truck tyres can boast.

Good sideways stability and high resistance

In the development and manufacture of Fulda Variotonn a special attention was given to a high resistance and optimum damage resistance. And this is also managed: So the quality tread compound ensures the truck tyre of Fulda for a particular robustness, which is effectively supported by the high wear resistance. The result is a longer service life, so that the Fulda Variotonn proves to be very economical. In addition, this model scores from the house of Fulda with its high grip and good lateral stability, qualities that subside even in adverse weather and road conditions and over longer distances under any circumstances. This makes the Fulda Variotonn a reliable and stable companion, which contributes to an unadulterated driving pleasure to a great extent with.

Fulda - quality tyres from Germany

The tyre manufacturer Fulda develops and manufactures its high quality and strong running models in Hesse Fulda. Not only in this country, the Hessian company a large customer popularity, and high popularity can enjoy, in countless countries worldwide know motorists excellent quality and strong operational performance of the tyres from Fulda to appreciate. This is complemented by the extensive and comprehensive selection of models, which in addition to tyres for trucks and cars also includes a set of tyres for different purpose vehicles so that all wishes and needs are satisfied to a high degree.

The Fulda Variotonn proves to be a strong and reliable running companion, the even difficult driving conditions present no problems. This is made possible by the sophisticated tread design and the numerous good running properties, which is expressed in addition to good lateral stability in a high grip and optimum efficiency.

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