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Fulda Ecotrans - good mileage even on longer journeys

Even longer distances can not affect the high mileage and the good performance of the Fulda Ecotrans. This is thanks to the numerous good driving this truck tyre which can be used on regional and long distance traffic throughout the year.

High mileage and optimized rolling resistance

The Fulda Ecotrans proves once again that the renowned tyre manufacturer knows his craft. This truck tyres from Fulda impresses with its high mileage, which does not decrease even in difficult driving situations or prolonged stress. So you can benefit from an agile handling and high steering precision in addition to a very good performance in the wet. In addition, the Fulda Ecotrans characterized by a further improvement in rolling resistance, which significantly reduces fuel consumption and makes the tyre thus very economical and environmentally friendly. Add to that the high load capacity of Fulda Ecotrans, so that heavier loads can be transported comfortably and safely over long distances.

Fulda - a tyre manufacturer with great expertise

The tyre manufacturer Fulda is known for its high-performance and high-quality models that have long been available on the world. This is thanks to the high quality and excellent performance, through which all the tyres from Fulda distinguished. The company also strives to constantly develop and optimize its products and launches the tyres always made with major product innovations. For high security and optimum stability during each drive is thus ensured.

The Fulda Ecotrans is also in difficult driving situations at its best and impresses with its excellent performance and high mileage, even with heavy precipitation or on long journeys. This expresses itself in addition to a superior handling in a very good performance in the wet and in low rolling resistance and high steering precision.

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