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Fulda Ecocontrol 2 - balanced performance characteristics and optimal flexibility

The Fulda Ecocontrol 2 of hauliers finds a powerful truck tyres , is distinguished thanks to its wide range of applications through the best possible flexibility.

Low rolling resistance and high mileage

captivates the Fulda Ecocontrol 2 with its balanced handling characteristics and can ensure this homogeneous concept a high mileage with simultaneous optimum comfort - whether in remote or regional services. Even cost-conscious fleet operators of this steering axle tyre of Fulda be delighted, while the carcass by using modern computer technology has been improved even further. As a result, you can benefit from a very high tyre uniformity and thus of an optimized mileage of Fulda Ecocontrol. 2 No less impressive is the special gripping edge geometry of the tread pattern which ensures excellent wet grip and optimum pleasure all year round. Moreover, also a reduced road noise and an extended service life is ensured. In addition, the Fulda Ecocontrol 2 proves much lighter than its predecessor, thus resulting in a higher payload.

Fulda - high customer orientation and high-performance models

The tyre manufacturer Fulda was founded and impresses with its wide range of different and high quality models as early as 1900's. Today the Hessian company is one of the international Goodyear Group, which is headquartered in the US state of Ohio. In the production and manufacture can Fulda benefit from the extensive know-how and modern technology process what the quality of the models again comes considerably benefit. At the same time, the brand is characterized by a high degree of customer orientation, so that hardly any wishes remain unfulfilled.

The Fulda Ecocontrol 2 provides forwarders everything they require from a modern truck tyre: high mileage, lower fuel costs and maximum flexibility. This is due to the special profile with the innovative and computer-optimized carcass and the robust tread that help that this model of Fulda anytime delivers a very good performance.

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