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Fulda Conveo Tour

Vehicles carrying heavy loads have to put on tyre tested as the Fulda Conveo Tour. This summer tyre is suitable for all small and medium-sized vans, for a stable and safe movement priority. Increased steering precision, more grip on wet roads and a reduced risk of aquaplaning are just a few features of Fulda Conveo Tour.

A tyre for modern van and van class

Fulda car tyres are the result of long-lasting development and test phases. In this way, the traditional German manufacturer guarantees absolute reliability of its products. The same applies to quality vans tyres of the same brand, which include the Fulda Conveo Tour counts. For several years, teams of engineers are working intensively on the development of this tyre. Therefore, the number of positive test results are not a big surprise. On the test track, the Fulda Conveo Tour shows confidently in any situation. The stability of the van remains in curves and good braking characteristics are safe even with a larger transport load.

Reliable handling and high mileage

The Fulda Conveo Tour is an affordable tyre for reliable steering and cornering stability. Drivers can expect a precise handling even when loaded. Thanks to a four-part ribs orientation the load of the van is uniformly distributed over the footprint of the tyre. To keep the driver even when heavy transport control. The heat generated while driving is thanks to the tyre designs better manner, so that the Fulda Conveo Tour has a significantly longer wear. Zigzag tread grooves enable even better wet grip and help the wide tread grooves to reduce the risk of aquaplaning. Besides Fulda, the German tyre manufacturer Continental has quality vans tyres .

Reliability with the van in each curve. This allows the Fulda Conveo Tour with its excellent features. The Transporter remains stable in any situation, even when larger loads to be transported. For optimum safety and stability in wintry conditions to class are Fulda winter tyres for vans .

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