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Firestone VANHAWK Winter: Safe driving for trucks and vans

to transport the heaviest items on ice and snow, is a special challenge. Vans and vans must be placed on the rough surfaces once in motion. For this they need the matching winter tyres . The Firestone VANHAWK winter convinced with a strong starting traction and shows on long journeys on the motorway and highway its winter performance.

Good grip in rain and snow

The profile of Firestone VANHAWK Winter is crossed by three circumferential, slightly wavy longitudinal ribs. These serve well, if the winter even less cold, but very wet comes. Water is reliably deduced the aquaplaning properties of the Firestone VANHAWK winter are therefore safe. On snow and ice, the profile can also prove their strength. It is crossed by a large number of block and sipe edges. This Firestone VANHAWK receives winter on slippery surfaces a firm grip. Winter Ruggedized grip and strong traction bring the Transporter tyres securely over each lane.

Durable treads

The Firestone VANHAWK Winter convinces also by a long mileage. In professional transport business is this one of the most important requirements. The robust tread with its innovative silica components keep the requirements of motorway and highway long standing. The Firestone VANHAWK Winter can be driven much more than just a winter. Of course, the winter tyre features Firestone an M + S marking, which it needs before it can be driven in snow and ice.

Firestone is known for low-cost quality tyres. The Firestone VANHAWK Winter is no exception and offers strong winter performance for trucks and vans.

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