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Firestone TSP 3000 - an economical tyre for transporting traffic

The long-distance transport is particularly high demands on truck tyres . Durable the tyres must be equipped with rugged treads that do not wear out as quickly by hundreds of kilometers driven a day. The Firestone TSP 3000 is specially designed for the challenges of the long haul. In long-distance transport, but also in regional transport, provides the reliable Pneu good services.

Low wear and lower fuel consumption

Firestone wants to offer truck drivers and operators with the Firestone TSP 3000 a tyre which is also extremely economical in addition to other benefits. Therefore, the tyre also has a built extremely low profile and tread have been optimized in terms of a lower abrasion. the top tread layer has worn, the Firestone TSP 3000 can be recut. Thereby its lifespan increases. Furthermore, Firestone has the weight of the tyre is reduced. In this way he is progressing with less energy and consumes less fuel.

Rapid water drainage for safe driving in the rain

In addition to the economy of the Firestone TSP 3000 convinced his balanced driving performance. As truck summer tyres it must be to steer safely even on wet roads. Thanks five circumferential grooves moisture can be removed quickly from the road. The Firestone TSP 3000 therefore retains a strong traction even in the rain. The Firestone TSP 3000 can also transport heavy weights over longer distances. The tyre is not only for truck drivers is a good choice, but also equips trailers from.

In all weather conditions truck driver with the Firestone TSP 3000 safely. The summer tyre proves itself in long-distance and regional traffic through its rugged treads and its high cost.

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