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The tyre brand Excelsior

The tyre brand Excelsior is today by the tyre producer Continental used AG as a brand name. It goes back to a traditional tyre manufacturer from Hanover.

The history of the tyre brand

As a founding date of the tyre manufacturer Excelsior is the year 1862. The original production of the first operating as Hannoversche rubber comb factory company consists of various rubber products. As the tyre manufacturer, the factory first appears in the 1880's when they producing bicycle tyres. Soon after the invention of the motor car, the company also manufactures car tyres. The name Excelsior leads the company only since 1912, as a brand name for car tyres, the new company name at the time of renaming is implemented for several years. 1928 takes over the Continental AG , at its foundation also shareholders of Excelsior tyre plants were involved, the majority in the company and divided this an entyrely into its own company structure. Excelsior remains as the Hanover manufacturing facility investment in time as a brand name for car tyres. 1999 carried out the closure of the Hanover-based tyre factory.

The tyre range

The trademark for Excelsior tyres are still at Continental AG. However, the company used the brand rarely since the closure of the traditional Excelsior plant in Hannover. Currently, Continental sold only winter tyres for trucks under the brand name Excelsior. This tyre is also directly offered by Continental only in Belgium and France. The re-use of a brand name for at least a pre-existing in the EU product is to safeguard the trademark rights required so that the Continental AG ensures the designation of a tyre as Excelsior's exclusive right to this tyre brand.

Although Continental AG Excelsior tyres currently supplies only to Belgium and France, German forwarders can tyre brand available on the Internet or a tyre importer.

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