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Dunlop Sportmax Qualifier Tyres

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Dunlop Sportmax Qualifier Tyres

Dunlop Sportmax Qualifier Tyres are constructed to serve the purpose of Supersport street tyres. They are manufactured to get fit on motorcycles. These tyres can offer super performance in any type of weather condition. Enhanced performance for a high-level ride at any weather situation with perfect handling and good mileage is what you can expect from Dunlop Qualifier Sportmax tyres. The advanced technology that is used specifically in its front and rear tyre makes it able to give confidence to the rider for its perfect stability and gripping powers.

Dunlop Sportmax Qualifier Tyres are Made for cars

The major traits of Dunlop Spmax Qualifier include:

  • Joint Less Belt (JLB) technology used in its rear tyre that gives elevated stability.
  • Increased contact patch size offers enhanced handling attributes along with improved feedback.
  • Race-derived front wheels offer easier steering and fast turn-in.
  • Blending of three race-development polymers at its back tyre gives maximum grip along with speedy warming up properties in both wet and dry conditions.
  • It contains Corner Grip ranges between 35 and 56 degrees that maximize handling and gripping of the motorcycle.

Dunlop Sportmax Qualifier Tyres Combination of Functions

Dunlop spmax qualifier offers high-level performance to riders for enjoying their sports and other adventures. It comes with long life, appropriate grip, better hold, and good performance on even wet roads. It comes with the size dimensions that vary in its width and height. Various load and speed index are also available with these tyres.

Dunlop Sportmax Qualifier price may differ as for the size dimensions and other specifications you choose changes. But, overall it can be a great purchase for bike riders who are looking for high-profile tyres.

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