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The Dunlop SP 30- reliable summer tyres for cars and compact cars

The Dunlop SP 30 impresses with a low noise level, is also in the wet well and offers superb accommodation. This Dunlop summer tyres offers just for cars with medium or small displacements. It is specifically for this vehicle class in the development of summer tyres Dunlop placed on factors such as comfort, safety and fuel economy great importance.

Low noise and first-class braking and acceleration performance

The enriched silicate tread the Dunlop SP 30 allows an exceptionally high grip while saving fuel. The high grip makes responsive acceleration and braking possible. Here are suppressed by the arrangement of four rows of blocks in Profile RF interference while driving. This, both objectively and subjectively perceived, weak noise raises an enjoyable driving experience. The silica-plus rubber compound provides the Dunlop SP 30 on top of that a prolonged life. A specific system that improves the fit of the tyre on the rim results in improved road feedback, higher precision and stability. At the same time is minimized by an advanced hybrid overlay technology at high speeds, the deformation of the tyre. The Dunlop SP 30 shows how all Dunlop superior stability with uniform wear and quiet operation, even at high speeds.

Asymmetric tread design for high resistance to aquaplaning

The Dunlop SP 30, with its asymmetric tread design is highly resistant to hydroplaning and very good handling on wet roads. It just increases the continuous center rib in the tread pattern, the precision and stability, while the asymmetric groove arrangement enhances grip on wet roads. This results in a high performance in both a straight line and around corners and resulting in an increased resistance to aquaplaning. In this excellent technological properties and the high driving comfort is just in the choice of car rental paid. Because with the Dunlop SP 30 managed to all roads safely and confidently, regardless of whether they are wet or dry.

The special tread design of the tyre ensures a fast and efficient water evacuation and gives the tyre exceptionally good and high safety reserves with aquaplaning. Here, the Dunlop SP 30 is a reliable partner which offers high efficiency and safety with high ride comfort, low noise and first-class braking and acceleration behavior.

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