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The Dunlop SP 252 - The low-loader tyre with high mileage

In long-distance traffic, especially on long highway stretches that are truck tyres exposed to particular stresses. The Dunlop SP 252 is a semi-trailer and trailer tyres, which is ideally suited for loader operations. In particular, the high mileage makes him so interesting.

The Dunlop SP 252 - an efficient Nutzreifen

As one of the world's leading manufacturers of commercial vehicle tyres developed Dunlop brand again an excellent tyre. Geared to the high demands of logistics and transportation, met the Dunlop SP 252 all the points that are necessary for this purpose. He is the ideal Nutzreifen for large volume shipments without compromising on sustainability have to be made. The modern Dunlop is one of the new tyre with a low cross-section, which nevertheless bear a high load. The uniform wear pattern and the balanced ground pressure distribution can be achieved through the wide contact area of ​​the Dunlop SP 252nd

Optimized profile and excellent wet grip

The summer tyres Dunlop SP 252 proves not only in dry conditions, that he like running on rails, particularly when wet it shows its strengths. The wide and deep tread pattern bring good lateral stability, handling and above all an excellent mileage. For the uniform pressure distribution ensures the Dunlop SP 252, a special tyre design that also offers a uniform tyre wear. The profile structure has been optimized, that fewer stones caught therein. In forwarding and transport low fuel consumption is very important in order to remain competitive. The special tread compound at the Dunlop SP 252, the rolling resistance was significantly improved. This reduces the rolling resistance and the vehicle consumes less fuel. For its longevity are a reinforced carcass and a more robust rim area.

Anyone looking for a trailer tyre for his transport company, which scores with its efficiency, durability and above all an excellent running performance, is well advised with the Dunlop SP 252nd

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