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Dunlop GRANDTREK PT 4000 Tyres

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The Dunlop Grandtrek PT 4000 - high performance in the field

In off-road you need an off-road tyres with lots of power. The Dunlop Grandtrek PT 4000 presents itself as a high performance tyre, which has been optimized for the Mercedes, BMW, Audi and Porsche. He is a perfect tyre which his great strengths is not only the terrain, but also on paved roads for all other wheel-drive vehicles and SUVs.

A stable four-wheel tyres

With the Dunlop Grandtrek PT 4000 is Dunlop again a very good tyre succeeded. Thanks to the latest tyre technology also shines the Dunlop Grandtrek PT 4000 with a very good driving behavior. The successful experience in racing are very effective over by the Dunlop brand in the production of tyres for normal road traffic. The vehicle handling with the Dunlop Grandtrek PT 400 has proven to be very precise. He is able to cope with extreme situations and was developed with the most modern SUV concept (Sports Utility Vehicles). The ultra-high-performance tyre is a perfect combination between high load, comfort and high-speed capability.

The Dunlop Grandtrek PT 4000 - an intelligent profile

The powerful summer Dunlop offers excellent performance even at a wet road. Much water oust the four circumferential grooves. Similarly, the zigzag-shaped design helps that hydroplaning has no chance. But even at high speeds proves the Dunlop Grandtrek PT 4000 that it remains safely on the road, thanks to its wide central ribs. The so-called Dunlop comfort grooves promise what its name clearly states, namely comfort. This tyre is reinforced in order to lift more without restrictions in driving behavior is possible. The reduced noise provide the driver with greater comfort.

Anyone looking for a off-road tyres, the best coping in the terrain, as well as on the road, should the Dunlop Grandtrek PT search 4000th

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