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Double Star DSR 266

The budget brand Double Star designs next car tyres also cheap tyres for trucks. The latest model Double Star DSR 266 is suitable for the economical and safe operation of the truck in regional and mainline services. Thanks to its innovative tread the DSR 266 can be used throughout the year. Transport companies save with the Double Star DSR 266 not only in the acquisition. Thanks to its increased fuel efficiency fuel costs are also lowered.

Interested truck tyre for regional and long-distance traffic

Through the use of modern technologies and a good market strategy are Double Star truck tyres safe and cheap at the same time. They comply with the latest safety standards and are therefore perfectly suited for reliable trucking. The Double Star DSR 266 save transport companies not only on the purchase of the tyre. In addition, these tyres reduces fuel consumption and thus enables an efficient and environmentally friendly driving. The Double Star DSR 266 is tested under the strictest conditions.

Improved mileage

Along with some models of Nokian truck tyres is one of the Double Star DSR 266 to the best alternatives for tyres renowned manufacturers. Its re-engineered profile allows use throughout the year. It consists of four longitudinal grooves that ensure good water displacement, and specially arranged tread blocks for better traction on snowy roads. For increased mileage an innovative rubber mixture ensures. It enables a uniform wear of the tyre, so that important handling characteristics are preserved even when increased degree of wear. Thanks to reinforced sidewalls, the maximum load capacity of the truck can be utilized.

The Double Star DSR 266 is a high performance tyre in the budget segment. He promises a safe and economic use of trucks in any weather. Its innovative rubber compound allows high mileage and significantly increases fuel efficiency. In addition to the Double Star DSR 266 also are Sava truck tyres available for very reasonable price.

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