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Cordiant: Russia best tyres

The name Cordiant is still relatively young. Since a few years, dip the tyres with this logo on increasingly. But inexperience manufacturer can this still does not close. Rather, it is Russia's best tyres of the largest manufacturer of this vast empire.

From Sibur will Cordiant

Actually has to be the tyres, which now bear the name of Cordiant, still with the lettering Sibur be provided. In April 2012, the Russian chemical giant decided to rename its tyre division accordingly. Sibur bakes more than 30 per cent of all tyres that are driven in Russia at all. The house is the largest producer in the country and was able to celebrate in the past on several occasions over the ceremony as the best tyre maker in the country. The renaming is part of the plan of the company, also with certain divisions to grow beyond Russia's borders. In the headquarters, it is believed that Cordiant in Europe and North America will be much more acceptable than Sibur.

The current models Cordiant

Cordiant builds models of vehicles all type. Whether for trucks, light commercial vehicles, SUV's, 4x4 trucks or cars , always can get the right tyre of the house. In Europe, however, are the models for road vehicles, which are made for the whole year or specially for the winter, especially popular. Cordiant is distinguished here by a special quality, which is probably related to the Russian origin. Just like the old Sibur tyre the new Cordiant models are extremely durable and resistant.

Cordiant is a young brand that is designed to enable the Russian conglomerate Sibur to gain a foothold in Europe and North America. Buyers have therefore selected quality. Sibur is not only a chemical company, but also the largest tyre manufacturers in Russia. This special quality is reflected in the weather suitability and the resilience of the tyre.

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