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The Cooper Zeon XST A - the all-season alternative for mild winter

Especially in warmer regions, where the winter is mild, only a summer tyre with additional winter safety is often needed. Such is also the off-road tyres Cooper Zeon XST A, which provides for all-wheel-drive vehicles suspension action in summer with safety margins for onset of winter.

The performance focuses especially on dry roads and warm weather conditions

The Cooper Zeon XST A is definitely an all-season tyre for Allrader - however it is of its performance characteristics rather forth for areas with only mild winters. His main discipline are clearly wet and dry roads, where he brings really good benefits that are in some areas far exceed those of other models. It also comes with light snow roadways still along very well, severe onset of winter with adverse road conditions he loves but not particularly intimate, where he encounters it clear to its limits. Braking and steering characteristics are excellent in summer conditions, especially in wet conditions, the wide tread rib makes the central part of the tyre for a high directional stability. He may also derive large amounts of water, making it one of the tyres, which reduce the risk of aquaplaning at its clearest. The Cooper Zeon XST A is designed especially for all-wheel drive vehicles and SUVs, which are at home on the streets. However, a tyre for heavy terrain it is not.

The Cooper Zeon XST A is designed for road use

Off-road tyres for the terrain must have very different properties than road tyres. When Cooper has the clearly recognized, and separates the tyre models in road tyres for Allrader and heavy-tread, intended for use in really difficult terrain models. Between the two methods of construction is hardly a compromise to find, difficult terrain tyres often difficult to contend with wet conditions on the road and have in this area - due to their construction - often serious deficiencies, road tyres hand often provide too little traction and resistance for the terrain. For this reason should only be driven on the road as possible with real off-road tyres actually in the field and with road tyres as the Cooper Zeon XST A.

The all-season tyres for four-wheel vehicles and SUVs in areas with mild winters - optimum performance under summer road conditions, light snow roads are for the Cooper Zeon XST A but also generally not a problem, only heavy winter deserts he dislikes so special.

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