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The Cooper Zeon 4XS - the UHP tyre for Allrader

Wheel-drive vehicles, and SUVs, which are driven at high speeds on the highway, make special demands on the tyres. The Cooper Zeon 4XS is as off-road tyres these requirements perfectly accessible - and also has a few other advantages to offer.

Optimized design - Ultra High Performance

The Cooper Zeon 4XS is an offroad summer tyres , which is especially suitable for high-performance SUVs, which are driven with high speeds. As UHP - Ultra High Performance - tyres it is, depending on the dimension of the speed classes V, W or Y suitable, that is of 240 km/h up to 300 km/h top speed. This just requires a SUV tyre a lot from, and requires design features that can ensure the stability of the tyre even at these very high speeds yet. The heat build up in these areas already an important factor, the Cooper Zeon 4XS it is effectively reduced mainly by a special polymer mixture. Through the use of this polymer mixture but also the rolling resistance of the tyre is at the same time reduced, and increases the service life, which makes the Cooper Zeon 4XS very economical.

Asymmetric profile for better performance

One of the main features of the Cooper Zeon 4XS is also the asymmetrical tread pattern: The inner shoulder area of ​​the tyre is relatively open, while the outer shoulder region is considerably more solid. In the center of the tyre footprint, however wide, continuous grooves are characteristic for the largest possible displacement of the tread pattern. For an optimal balance between adhesion is achieved on dry and on wet roads while just the central area for an effective reduction in the risk of aquaplaning makes. As a Cooper-typical feature also an extended rim flange protection to better protect valuable is aluminum rims from damage in the tyre integrated.

The Cooper Zeon 4XS is a UHP tyre for Allrader and SUVs with high performance. The Cooper Zeon 4XS is even at high speeds still very stable and provides a balanced performance in all road conditions in summer.

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