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Continental Traily - the ideal motorcycle tyres for enthusiastic drivers

With the Continental Traily once more proved that the Lower Saxony manufacturer knows his craft. This Conti tyres convinces with its high mileage and excellent performance, for which the most innovative technologies and sophisticated tread design show responsibility.

Excellent handling and optimal grip

In the preparation and development of the Continental Traily no cost has been spared. The result is a high performance and high quality Continental motorcycle tyres , which also adverse weather and road conditions do not mind. This is thanks to this special and intricately designed tread with innovative technologies that enable next to a superb handling an optimal grip on both dry surfaces and on wet roads. In addition, the Continental Traily impresses with its short running-in period and the optimum wet performance, which maximizes driving pleasure considerably again. Furthermore, the Continental Traily impresses with its proven Continuous Compound Technology, which ensures a very harmonious, as variable angle change. At the same time offers this model of successful tyre manufacturer from Lower Saxony with its excellent steering precision and optimized tread wear, what the life again considerably extended.

Continental - the tyre expert from Hanover

The tyre manufacturer Continental has long been considered the most successful and best-known European brands. Also know in other continents motorists strong running performance and the high quality of Continental tyres to estimate properties which decrease even under demanding conditions in any way. This is thanks to the intense scrutiny already, so that each model can cut excellently repeatedly in tests important journals during the production phase.

The Continental Traily proves to be a powerful and high-quality motorcycle tyre will provide many a memorable trip. For the sophisticated tread pattern shows responsibility, so you have to make in terms of comfort and safety at no time compromise.

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