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Continental Touring Plus Tyre

The Continental tyres have been the top of the line for a few years now, and it seems as if they are not moving away from that position any time soon. Their tyres are always budget-friendly and provide maximum comfort whether it is with bicycle tyres or car tyres.

Performance associated with Tyre Continental touring Plus

The Tyre Continental Touring Plus is especially hard and robust. It has have been made using tough rubber material making them heavy and robust. These tyres are extremely stiff and have a somewhat metallic feeling to them. When you take them out for a test ride, you will feel a lot of vibration come your way, and that can hamper your balance altogether.

The puncture belt is made to be durable so it can withstand impact. The Continental Touring Plus tyre provides a great amount of friction and grips on dry roads and offers mild grip on wet roads too. The tyres perform well on dry roads especially on twists and turns as they can handle the curves very efficiently. However, due to a lack of proper tread pattern, the bikes somewhat slip from time to time on wet or murky roads; however, the control is easily regained.

Budget friendly Tyre

The Continental Touring Plus is a sturdy and robust tyre fit for those who like to feel more in control of their bikes when out on the roads. They are budget-friendly, and Continental also provides a company warranty with them. 

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