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The Continental HTR 2 presents itself as an economic all-rounder for semitrailers

The Continental HTR 2 is a truck tyre, which was developed especially for use on high payload trailers in commercial freight. As premium tyres he belongs to a new generation of tyres for trucks. It is distinguished by good handling characteristics and its particular economy through fuel efficiency and increased mileage. As an allrounder Continental HTR 2 can be driven in urban and mainline trains.

The Continental HTR 2 brings good driving characteristics and increased efficiency

The construction of the carcass with optimized belt gives the Continental HTR 2 very stable runnability. The reinforced bead and the reinforced shoulder profiles ensure stable straight running of the Continental HTR 2. The quality carcass makes the Continental HTR 2 good retreadable. The special tread compound is reinforced and, in combination with the profile geometry increased mileages. In addition, the optimized rolling resistance of the Continental HTR 2 for low fuel consumption ensures, while the reduced weight of the carcass allows higher payloads.

Innovative technology ensures good running characteristics and increases the mileage

The well-known tyre manufacturer Continental has optimized the profile of the HTR 2 and improved its operating characteristics. The increased tyre footprint ensures even wear. With the patented Air-Keep technology of Continental HTR 2 keeps tyres inflated longer on its optimum value. The design of the tread grooves of the Continental HTR 2 reduces the stone trap, thus reducing the possibility of damage to the tyre.

The Continental HTR 2 is a tyre for trucks in local and long distance with good runnability. Continental has improved the efficiency of the Continental HTR 2 felt through the combination of different technologies, not least reflected in its fuel efficiency and good retreadability, if you opt for this premium truck tyres.

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