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Continental HTR truck tyre

Good mileage and improved handling at high load are the main features of the Continental HTR. This Regio remote tyre is suitable for trucks, travel the extra long lines with large transport loads. He is completely reliable and ensures increased safety on wet and dry roads. Several truck manufacturers set during the initial assembly of the Continental HTR.

Innovative compound for high mileage

Continental tyres are known for their long life and a more comfortable ride. The same can also truck drivers who rely on tyres this traditional German brand, confirm from personal experience. Continental for more than 50 years developing quality tyres for trucks and trailers, which can withstand very high loads. At the same time they increase driving comfort, thereby protecting drivers and transport load. Among the most famous Continental Truck tyres Continental HTR belongs. Its tread is repeatedly tested in the laboratory and on the test track. In this way, the Continental HTR absolute reliability promises in every situation. Economically, this tyre is also. Its innovative rubber mixture provides an impressively high mileage.

Ideally tyre for regional transport

Thanks to a precise set of geometry and rubber compound, the tread of the Continental HTR is very robust, even at high operating temperatures. In this way reduces wear and increases mileage significantly. Its low weight enables significantly better fuel economy. Special shoulder grooves provide more stability while improving directional stability. The bead and belt design of Continental HTR is further improved, whereby the Karkassewert is now more stable. On the redesigned sidewall all technical data and icons are now visible at a glance. The Continental HTR is available for almost all vehicle models in the appropriate size. He is in the rank of truck tyres of Goodyear brand .

Reliability and increased mileage. That's what matters most Regio-truck tyres. The Continental HTR promises the highest safety and excellent mileage, even when transporting heavy loads. The repeatedly tested tyre features the latest technologies, the Continental has to offer. It is available for almost all truck models.

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