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in any underground work safely with the Continental HTC 1

tyres for construction equipment have to fulfill several criteria. You must ensure maximum safety for all substrates, be economically viable and have a high efficiency. All these criteria meet Ripe Series Continental HTC. 1

Two sizes of Continental HTC 1 for different weather conditions

The tyres of the series Continental HTC 1 are available in sizes 445 / 65R22.5 169K TL and 385 / 65R22.5 160K TL. In the reference, which are also printed on the tyre, the following data are coded: The tyres have a tyre width of 44.5 mm or 38.5 mm. The tyre cross-section is 65 percent. This means that the tyre is wider than high, whereby the stability of the entyre vehicle is increased. The number 22.5 denotes a rim diameter of 22.5 inches. Particularly important is the three-digit number for the maximum load. This is a maximum of 5850 kg in the tyre with the mark 169 or a maximum of 4500 kg at the Index 160th

The tyre for high performance on the construction site

The Continental HTC 1 in size 385 / 65R22.5 160K TL has two further specific features, which makes it suitable to tyres for use on construction sites. For one, he is as M + S tyres designed, which can be used also during the winter time on the construction site. Secondly, the tyre is equipped with a rim protector. This is a rubber bead, which projects beyond the rim. In this way, the rim when working in uneven terrain is also protected.

The tyre of the series Continental HTC 1 are perfectly adapted to be used on construction sites. Especially the smaller tyre with his additional rim protection provides additional security on uneven terrain. With the larger tyres you have in any season, the optimum safety on all road surfaces.

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