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Continental HSC 1 - high mileage and optimum efficiency

Whether on site or on the road - the Continental HSC 1 just feels home everywhere. This is the numerous excellent runnability this Continental tyre owe, which compromises in terms of stability and security at any time.

Long life and optimum adhesion

In the development and production of the Continental HSC 1 special attention to high mileage while comprehensive security has been added. And this is also managed: This truck tyres from Continental impresses with its intricately designed profile and very resilient housing, which significantly improves not only the retreadability, but also the mileage. Both on paved roads as well as on soft ground of Continental HSC 1 is very safe and stable way and demonstrates besides an optimal adhesion an excellent grip and superior handling. Add to this the very good self-cleaning and uniform abrasion, which is very positive effect on the life of the Continental HSC. 1

Continental - quality tyres from Niedersachsen

The tyre manufacturer Continental has long been internationally highly successful move. And with good reason: All models of the Lower Saxony company are characterized by a very good quality and a high mileage, so you do not have to do without even in difficult driving situations on a comprehensive stability and optimum comfort. In addition, customers can use the wide range of different Continental tyres are pleased that in addition to models for trucks and cars also includes tyres for various special purpose vehicles.

With the Continental HSC 1 of renowned tyre manufacturer from Hanover brings again a powerful and reliable truck tyres on the market, which feels comfortable on any surface. For the elaborately designed and modern profile design ensures, so that one 1 at any time can enjoy a high level of comfort and a comprehensive security with the Continental HSC.

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Continental HSC1 - precision for the steering axle in harsh everyday

The Continental HSC1 is - together with his brother brand HDC1 - the best combination for harsh everyday of heavy trucks in the road and off road use. He not only provides traction on any surface, but especially accurate control as truck tyres for the steering axle.

Traction and precise transmission of the steering forces

The Continental HSC1 is more than just robust - it is practically indestructible. Its optimized tread profile is road and off road suitable for use, building site is therefore for the Continental HSC1 no obstacle. The traction is, as with his brand brother Continental HDC1 which is mounted on the drive axle, outstanding by the optimized profile, the same time it provides an accurate transmission of the steering forces and the same stability and high self-cleaning function as the tyres for the drive axle. The optimized tread also ensures good grip in wet and slippery road surfaces and thus for a high cornering stability and good grip in cornering. For this purpose also, the closed region of the shoulder tread contributes significantly. In combination with the HDC1 he is to be the optimal choice special tyres for heavy trucks on the construction site, but also in all other situations where it depends on a good road and off-Performance.

Continental - more than a hundred years of experience

In 1904 was Continental the first company to offer tyre with a tread. Since then the company has become the fourth largest tyre producers in the world, besides also one of the main auto parts supplier in the electronic field on the European market. The Hanover-based company has made a good name as a premium brand, but in addition highest quality tyres are marketed worldwide under the brand names Barum, Gislaved, Semperit and Uniroyal and several other brand names.

The Continental HSC1 is a tyre for the steering axle of heavy trucks with high traction and optimized lateral support when cornering. It is ideally suited for use on the road and on construction site, and therefore a good choice as a partner for HDC1 for the drive axle.

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