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When Continental HDR efficiency and good handling characteristics in distribution are at the forefront

The Continental HDR is a tyre for trucks , which was specially developed for vehicles in the medium- and heavy-duty distribution. For commercial use, not only the driving characteristics of this tyre has been improved, but especially a lot of development of the manufacturer Continental has used for increased efficiency of the Continental HDR. The wear resistance of the Continental HDR suggests to use the tyres on drive axles.

The Continental HDR presents itself with a long life and good handling characteristics even under load

The technical design of the Continental HDR makes its reinforced construction of the carcass for improved driving stability and traction in all weather conditions. ensure equal some distinct features of the tyre for particularly economical driving. The Continental HDR is reinforced with strips of steel mesh to increase puncture resistance and to improve the possibilities for retreading. In addition, the HDR of the famous tyre manufacturer has Continental about a particularly resistant, abrasion and tear resistant tread compound. With an optimized contour of the pressure under all load conditions is evenly distributed over the ground engaging surface, which the abrasion further reduced and the running performance is further increased.

Safe handling by good traction and improved wet performance

The symmetric tread pattern of the Continental HDR consists of strong tread blocks in the tyre shoulders, flanking a strong center rib with own tread blocks. It is the manufacturer also managed to increase the grip of the Continental HDR in wet conditions. Five strong, circumferential grooves improve the protection against aquaplaning, while lateral grooves and sipes improve lateral support when cornering, even under heavy load.

A particularly well-balanced geometry of the tread pattern in combination with a reinforced carcass increases both the traction of the Continental HDR, and its life expectancy. The recommends these tyres for the particularly economical use on drive axles of trucks and larger vans .

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