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Those who want to drive safely, should change at least the arrival of the legally required tread depth, its tyres. For all-season and winter tyres the profile limit is 1.6 millimeters at 4 millimeters and summer tyres. The tyres should be carefully considered, the price and quality differences are not uncommon. The Compass car tyre manufacturer offers a range of quality tyres that present an extensive selection to the discerning customer.

A company committed to quality tyres at low prices

The manufacturing company of Compass tyres is one of the largest tyre producer in Southeast Asia. For decades, they are located in the space among the market leaders and offer much quality for little money. Now the Compass tyres are also available in Europe. For passenger cars, trucks and vans , caravans or Bullys They present an extensive selection of Compass tyres. The workmanship is high quality and durability at different load outstanding. The range includes all-season tyres, which feature special tread patterns. The winter tyres of Compass show up with solid robustness, while the summer tyres provide a comfortable ride for different soil conditions. Who adapts to inch size, width, cross-section and the load index and speed recommendations of Compass tyres precisely to the conditions and needs, offers the Compass tyre a product that convinces with durability and versatility to. In addition, Compass tyres are fairly cheap commercially available and can be easily ordered online.

Modern technologies under favorable Compass tyres

The Compass tyres made from a new rubber compound that promises high mileage normal wear. A low rolling resistance is also the result of this special rubber compound. The precise workmanship of the material mixture is adjusted to the respective requirements. For each area of ​​use Compass uses a different mixing ratio, which shall ensure withstand the respective loads. For goods vehicles are optimized so that despite high weight optimum roadholding and driving stability is given. In particular, the summer tyres by Compass did well in various tests. Both in aquaplaning and in the braking characteristics impress the summer tyres . A reduced braking distances, the result is a high adhesion on wet roads a further positive feature of the Compass tyres. The winter tyres have a very good grip on snow covered roads. This leads to more grip and reduces the risk of slipping by a multiple. The all-season tyres of Compass promise the optimal center of Compass summer and winter tyres. Both on snow as well as on hot or wet surfaces is the Compass all season tyres along well and provides an excellent alternative to the seasonal tyres. The Compass tyres provide a comfortable ride, a lot of stability and have low wear during normal use.

Both Compass car tyres as well as tyres for other types of vehicles are reflected in an above-average acceptable quality. The handling characteristics are positively influenced and depending on the type, the Compass tyres fit playing the subsoil conditions at. East Asian technologies can certainly compete with the European standard. All common tyre types are available and promise unlimited fun in all weathers.

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