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The Yokohama Advan Sport - a summer tyre for high speeds

The Yokohama Advan Sport is a summer tyre which has been specifically designed for particularly sporty vehicles. From sports coupe to the sport sedan - vehicles that have more horsepower under the hood, drive safely and comfortably with this summer tyres. A pleasant handling on wet and a high driving comfort with drought draw the Yokohama Advan Sport from.

Sporty looks, dynamic handling

From Japanese production comes the Advan Sport, manufactured by Yokohama , one of the largest tyre manufacturers in the country. The name is not only in the optics program: The Yokohama Advan Sport can boast a dynamic appearance, with an asymmetrical profile with strong longitudinal ribs. This profile design also ensures a high driving stability since the tyre has a very large contact surface. Thereby better contact between tyre and road surface is given, the Yokohama Advan Sport therefore does not even at high speed into a skid and reserves curves reliably track.

More safety through accurate reactions

In tests can convince on dry roads of Yokohama Advan Sport through its excellent steering precision. In practice, the tyre also impresses with its dynamic driving behavior: The Yokohama Advan Sport has been specially designed for the speed range is therefore allowed in the speed class Y and may be up to 300 km/h down quickly. Even at this rate, it is a reliable directional stability. Even in the rain the Yokohama Advan Sport allows the driver not abandon and scores with safe aquaplaning characteristics. For weighty vehicles such as vans , there is the Yokohama Advan Sport in XL versions.

Those who enjoy the speed, will take place in Yokohama Advan Sport a tyre that offers excellent safety even at high speeds. High cornering stability and directional stability characterize the tyres.

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