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225 45 R17: The summer tyre for the sporty compact class

Vehicles from the compact and mid-range with a powerful engine need a wide tyre to be found sufficient grip in the corners. One reason why the dimension 225 45 R17 gaining as tyres for vehicle manufacturers and consumers increasingly important. The car tyres , which supports a sporty driving style and precise steering allows.

A comfortable ride

The tyre size 225 45 R17 than summer tyres, however, reserved not only motorists who want to enjoy their ride at higher speeds. This dimension is very versatile and is now a standard part of many car models. A tyre which leaves visually and functionally desired. Consumer delight in a pleasant smoothness in conjunction with a constantly controllable handling of the car. Besides the well known premium manufacturers such as Goodyear or Continental consumers also have the opportunity to choose a car tyre this dimension from a lower price segment. Reviews of ADAC show, however, that having these models some weaknesses.

The balanced performance

Overall, the analyzed ADAC 19 different models of the finished product 225 45 R17 than summer tyres. Seven tyres were the marks of "good" and could convince with a balanced performance. The test winner was the Continental summer tyres (ContiSportContact 5) which focused mainly on the wet test track his good qualities impressively demonstrated. For dry roads, the Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymentric 2 but coped well with wet soil conditions is recommended. With the tyres Hankook Ventus S1 Evo 2 K117 and Dunlop Sport Maxx RT find consumers remain very balanced and reliable models.

With the Make 225 45 R17 summer tyres as consumers have the opportunity to take a flexible purchasing decision. Basically, almost all units meet the necessary criteria to be found an increased road safety. Here, however, should not be the focus of the price.

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