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195 65 R15 Car Summer tyres

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The 195 65 R15 summer tyres presents his talent

The dimension 195 65 R15 is a summer tyre which his talent proves not only in the important criteria. Motorists in the compact class appreciate besides a good handling of their car and low fuel consumption and wear and tear of a car tyre . Since this is a tyre model that in many vehicles as standard is used, the manufacturers are trying to have a good performance this tyre size.

A suitable format

With the Make 195 65 R15 summer tyres as find consumers from a middle ground between a wide tyres and a narrower car tyres. This dimension supports a sporty and smooth driving style. Vehicle models from Audi (A3), Fiat (Bravo), BMW (1 Series), Honda (Civic), etc. can be controlled brought up to their limits, without being exposed to a significant risk in traffic. The speed index of the different models vary between manufacturers. While the tyre models of Michelin is given the index H (up to 210 km/h), the tyres from Vredestein allow a maximum speed of up to 240 km/h (V).

Balanced tyres with good price-performance ratio

Hardly any other tyre format but the offer is so versatile. With the dimension 195 65 R15 summer tyres as consumers are spoiled for choice. Right here, it is useful to look at one or another test report in detail. As highly recommended was Dunlop Sport Blu-response rates. An all-rounder that impresses on wet and dry surfaces when testing ACE and GTÜ short braking distances. In addition, this tyre also shows good values ​​in the fuel consumption and wear. What was surprising was the result of Vredestein, which took second place with the model Sportrac. 5 A balanced tyre with a good price-performance ratio.

The dimension 195 65 R15 summer tyres as proves to be safe version to be found sufficient grip on the roads in good and rainy weather. The selection is great, so consumers are more flexible. The new tests show clearly that most manufacturers meet their criteria on environment and safety.

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