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225 40 R18 Car Summer tyres

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225 40 R18 summer tyres with precise steering response

Sports cars are designed to allow precise and dynamic steering. With the dimension 225 40 R18 summer tyres as this ride is supported, so the vehicle can be maneuvered in the border area. An increased cornering grip and speeds beyond 250 km/h with dry and wet road conditions.

Stability in the border area

BMW 130i or Audi S3, vehicles meet that have a powerful engine with the Make 225 40 R18 summer tyres as the right choice. The 18-inch model ensure short braking distances, causing the car to stability when starting and accelerating out of bends wins. Due to the broad and strong profile their driving pleasure knows no boundaries. With the right tyre temperature, a feeling as if the vehicle would move on rails. Since it is a very popular tyre model for sports cars, find consumers from a very wide range. The Test results of different summer tyres do not always meet the necessary requirements.

A clear result

The current review by Autobild shows that guarantee summer tyres sufficient road safety. Besides the well known premium manufacturers oh the tyres were tested from the low range. The result is clear and offers consumers a good assistance. With very good values ​​in wet conditions to prove the tyre models of Hankook (Ventus S1 evo) and Goodyear (Eagle F1 Asymmetric). The dimension 225 40 R18 summer tyres than it manages at a speed of 100 km/h after 55 meters to come to a halt. The Michelin Pilot Sport 3 is on dry pavement all his skill.

With the Make 225 40 R18 summer tyres as the purchase decision for consumers flexible. Many models are the highest demands. However, when choosing should car tyres play a subordinate role of price. Cheap models sometimes show alarming results that do not meet the criteria of a sporty driving style.

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