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205 50 R17 Car Summer tyres

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205 50 R17 summer tyres: Excellent tyres for small and compact cars

Are there car tyres with the best features of broad and standard tyres? Yes, 205 50 R17 summer tyres offer excellent grip, plenty of driving comfort and an attractive fuel consumption. For a sporty look also ensure appropriate 17er wheels.

The right mix makes the difference

The generous tread usual wide tyres ensures a high rolling resistance and thus also for excellent braking and steering characteristics and strong traction. At the same time, however, the energy efficiency suffers from the more friction. With a tyre width of 205 mm are 205 50 R17 summer tyres fortunately in the golden mean. In combination with a suitable rubber compound, as well as a thoughtful tread, high-traction tyres may arise with low fuel consumption. Add to this the tyre height of 102.5 mm (205 * 0.5), which cornering stability and ride comfort guaranteed. 205 50 R17 summer tyres are visually best on small and compact cars with 17er wheels.

Excellent summer tyres for the small purse

Whom when purchasing new summer tyres, only a relatively limited budget available, which should be for the series Wanli S 1088 decide. The tyres need with their very good performance in wet grip, efficiency and driving comfort not before Pirelli, Continental and Co. hiding. In EU tyre label Fuel consumption, wet grip each with the class C (AG) are marked. The tyre noise have a low average of 71 decibels. For a little more money there is, however, the Hankook VENTUS PRIME 2 K115 , which as 205 50 R17 summer tyres again gained a lot to pack in terms of performance. Open to both tyre model for a top speed of 270 km/h.

No tyre is optimized in all areas, but 205 50 R17 summer tyres at least form a very good basis for this. For this reason, the tyre size belongs also to the favorites of its kind.

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