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205 60 R16 Car Summer tyres

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Dimension 205 60 R16: As summer tyres very popular

It is not difficult to find a matching 205 60 R16 summer tyres for his car - no wonder there are a comprehensive range of models that suit every taste. All major manufacturers perform summer tyres in this size in their range that can come up with many positive handling characteristics.

High grip and quick water drainage

Manufacturers such as Wanli, Yokohama or Pirelli lead 205 60 R16-wide summer tyres for some time in their range. This also applies to the consolidated Dunlop , who presented a very strong run and high-quality tyre for the summer with the Sport Blue Response. This 205 60 R16 summer tyres impresses with its high number of sipes and the wide shoulder blocks, which allows only a high grip and a very good traction. Moreover, one can benefit from fast and efficient drainage, so that the risk of aquaplaning to be feared not more.

Good environmental performance and high efficiency

A very good overall performance also provides the Line XL the Finnish manufacturer Nokian from. The dimension 205 60 R16 summer tyres as also impresses with its sophisticated tread design, worthy of mention are also the most environmentally friendly materials that make the tyres very durable. In addition, this model of the renowned manufacturer from the far north with its high wear resistance, so you need to make any more thought in terms of economy convincing. Thanks to the high Grips and proper handling and security and stability come no means short.

Thanks to the wide range of different 205 60 R16 summer tyres you will be surely able to find a suitable tyre for his car. Models in this size are now offered by all major manufacturers - including many tyres whose good performance has been repeatedly confirmed in numerous tests.

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