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Bridgestone Duravis R 630 Tyres

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Bridgestone Duravis R 630: More than just standard

Good tyres offer drivers a good performance - the premium Bridgestone tyres, however bring a first-class performance and under extreme loads. The van tyres Bridgestone Duravis R 630 are no exception and are reliable partners in the daily commute is.

Bridgestone - An established company is looking ahead

Bridgestone is a Japanese tyre manufacturer to offer its premium tyres worldwide. The company was founded in 1931 in the city Kirume. A few years later, the headquarters of Bridgestone velagerte then to Tokyo. The tyre manufacturer is represented with its products both in the everyday use of tyres as well as in racing, such as in MotoGP. By Car, Truck and Motorcycle tyres up to tyres for vans Bridgestone has a huge range of premium tyres series. Since the tyres have a very high quality and Bridgestone invested heavily in the research and development of its products, the tyres are also a bit more expensive than average. For the premium tyres are also extremely durable.

High quality summer tyre for vans

The Bridgestone Duravis R 630 are summer tyre for vans . Their carbon-rubber compound, the tyres have a high mileage and good traction. For proper grip on the road and the block-profile tyres, which ensures precise handling of the tyre makes. In addition, the water is drained on a wet road quickly. The lateral grip with the tyres also improves the braking characteristics of the Bridgestone Duravis R 630. The tubeless tyres are summer depending on dimensions for different maximum designed (between 170-190 km/h).

With the tyre series Bridgestone Duravis R 630, the buyer receives for his van a powerful and long-lasting set of summer tyres. Whether on wet roads or on dry asphalt, the Bridgestone Duravis R 630 always make a good impression and provide a high level of driving comfort.

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