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Bridgestone B 381 - a summer high quality tyres

As one of the leading tyre manufacturers in the world Bridgestone has a broad know-how in terms of performance and quality. This is also the Bridgestone B 381 Note of itself as an efficient high-quality summer tyre turns.

Low rolling resistance and good handling

Bridgestone B 381 represents a successful combination of high comfort and comprehensive stability. This ensures the balanced and sophisticated tread pattern which not only ensures good handling, but also for superior traction. Even adverse weather and road conditions it is with this summer tyre from Bridgestone safe and stable way. In addition, the very low rolling resistance, which significantly reduces fuel consumption. Also in terms of environmental compatibility and economy of Bridgestone B 381 thus knows to convince.

Bridgestone - the tyre expert with the highest demands

The tyre manufacturer Bridgestone has long been the world's largest and most important producers and could also be used as supplier of the elite teams acquire an excellent reputation in F1. This owes mainly its extensive technical know-how and its high demands in terms of quality and performance. It is therefore not surprising that all Bridgestone tyres know always to impress again with their good performance. This estimate also numerous well-known car manufacturers, which use the superior technical standard of Bridgestone tyres and 381ausstatten their new vehicles with powerful models such as the Bridgestone B.

High comfort combined with a comprehensive stability: that is the hallmark of the Bridgestone B 381st This summer tyre thus proving to be a reliable instrument to safely bring the driver even under adverse weather and road conditions to their destination. This is thanks to the particularly symmetrical and intricately designed tread pattern which ensures, among other things for a very low rolling resistance and good handling and superior traction. Thus, maximum driving fun is guaranteed at any endeavor.

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