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BKT Tyres

BKT LG-306 tyres are made specifically for the lawn. You can use it for your lawn mowers and other small vehicles like tractors. It is a product of BKT tyres.

Balkrishna Industries Limited (BKT) is the top manufacturing industry in India that produces Off-Highway tyres. It was found in 1987, and since then it is effectively manufacturing tyres that unlike road tyres are made for other small machinery or rides. They have particularly developed many products for agricultural industries.

Speed and Grip of BKT Tyres

BKTyres supply goods to various fields like construction, industrial, and agricultural along with making tyres for port and mining, ATV, earthmoving, and others. Being a name of the trustworthy brand, BKT has been offering its excellent services to numerous countries outside India.

These long-lasting BKT LG-306 tyres are capable of providing smooth result without damaging the surface of your garden and that is what matters the most in these types of tyres. It is a small-sized tyre that is available in a variety of sizes and specs.

BKT LG-306 Design Specifications

The most significant feature of this tyre is its specifically constructed tread pattern. Through its flat tread design, it makes soft contact with the ground along with being easy to handle and maneuver.

For those looking for high puncture resistant tyres can get the aramid-belted model of LG-306. Its shoulder design is made rounded with smooth tread that largely interacts with the ground to offer higher stability and low grass damage with long tread life. With enough load carrying capacity and adequate speed, it can also be used for weightlifting vehicles at airports.

In order to make it challenging for frequent punctures and other damages, these cheap bkt tyres come with tough sturdy casing and deeper treads.

BKT LG-306 Bkt tyres Price

The bkt tyres prices are also average and it varies with the size and specification of the tyre. But unlike low price range, the quality and durability it offers are quite good. Therefore, we can say bkttyres truly value the money of their customers and provides more than what they have paid for. In order to buy bkt tyres, you can contact different vendors of bkt tyres online.

But before going to make the final purchase, it is very important to match the specifications with your vehicle. Also, tyres fitting should be properly aligned and performed correctly, if you want to get complete benefits from this product.

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