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Go bigger, better and faster when you buy electric bike tyres

During the past few years, the electrically assisted mountain bike (e-MTB) has become increasingly popular. This has been in no small degree, contributed to by its image of a tough off roader, and an attitude to match! The fact of it also having a battery and motor attached to it seems to have enhanced, rather than dampened the perception that bigger is better, and that also applies to the e-bike tyres!

Whether you already own an e-bike or are thinking of getting one, keep in mind the issues associated with going faster on a heavier bike and the fact that you need tyre volume for a controlled, comfortable ride, and not forgetting the protection of the wheel rims. Therefore, when you buy electric bike tyres don’t search for those that offer the lightest option, instead consider the predictable and dependable alternatives.

Buy electric bike tyres to match the needs

Something worth remembering is to go back to the fact of you riding a rougher, tougher, heavier and faster bike! Your e-bike tyres must accordingly be equally capable of supporting your particular bike; and not a lightweight tyre model that cannot withstand hard braking and cornering. In this respect, when you buy electric bike tyres focus on a front tyre tread with a strongly supported and defined shoulder knobs.

If you want to maintain the e-MTB image, then you need the right rugged, sporty and appealing e-bike tyres to go with it!

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