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Buy Cross Tyres and get that all important gripping power

Using the right type of tyres is an essential part of any wheel-assisted transport especially when it’s connected to an off-road sport, such as mountain biking. The primary reason is that any related machine power objective is lost if there is no grip from the tyres on the wheels. With varying surface conditions, it is, therefore, logical to buy cross tyres designed to provide that all-important stability when you need it most!

Although to date, options are relatively limited regarding electric-mountain bikes (e-mtb) and the determined rubber related issues, there is plenty of opportunity for the standard mountain bike users. It is likely that in the foreseeable future, we will see cross bike tyres being utilized to a greater extent with an increased front-edge capability to match the rear edge for braking and climbing challenges.

Weight and speed wear assisted when you buy cross tyres

Focusing on the e-Mtb concerns; the added weight of this bike combined with the speed factor means an increase in the wear and load placed on the tyres. The standard of rubber such as that employed with cross bike tyres provides a strong side wall support; in addition, it is highly efficient on downhill stretches and negotiates corners and rock sections without buckling!

A particular incentive to buy cross tyres is displayed by the tread pattern, which can be crucial for e-mtb riders with a bigger weight helping drive the tyre into the surface!

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