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BF Goodrich Winter G - comprehensive driving pleasure even in winter

With the BF Goodrich Winter G renowned Tyre producer from the USA white underpin its reputation. Especially for extreme weather conditions developed, convinced this winter tyres in all respects.

High steering precision and excellent control

The BF Goodrich Winter G is characterized by its many good running properties and its high quality, so that each driver in the cold season can face left. Specially designed to improve the handling of the car, even at extremely low temperatures, which can BFGoodrich winter tyres boast among others with a remarkable steering precision even at very wintry road conditions. Furthermore, this tyre shines for winter with its excellent braking performance even on slippery road surfaces, which is made possible by the elaborately designed tread pattern and the high quality of the rubber compound. Even at higher speeds can thus enjoy a full rider control.

BF Goodrich - an American success Export

The tyre manufacturer BF Goodrich is hardly an integral part not only of the US tyre market. founded by Benjamin Goodrich in Akron early in 1870, the company was able to expand its product range steadily due to the high customer popular. Particularly well known is the Goodruch Corporation, as the company is called since 2001 for its high quality car tyres , which is recognized to be the best-selling tyres include worldwide. Meanwhile, the company is one of the internationally operating Michelin Group and can benefit in this part of the wealth of experience and the extensive know-how of the French manufacturer.

With the BF Goodrich Winter G you can even look forward to the harsh European winter very calmly. This is ensured by the numerous good running properties, consisting among others of an excellent braking performance and high steering precision. This is made possible by the elaborately designed tread pattern and quality rubber compound, so that even with very slippery conditions a comprehensive control of the vehicle reserves.

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