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BF Goodrich Touring

Even small cars have a large requirement for security. Guided by this motto, the American tyre manufacturer BF Goodrich developed a tyre that provides for city cars and other small car for optimum safety and comfort. Talking about the BF Goodrich Touring, a tyre for small cars and large claims.

Safer subcompact

Smaller vehicles often tend to lose control at high speeds in bends. Particularly dangerous it can be in wet conditions. For this reason, the American company has BF Goodrich developed a new tyre for small cars. Talking about the BF Goodrich Touring, most exceptional even in the smallest car for maximum stability. Founded in 1870 by Benjamin Franklin Goodrich is intensely concerned with the performance of this tyre testing in the lab and in the own test track. In this way, BF Goodrich assured its customers that the Goodrich Touring is an absolutely reliable tyre. This tyre allows the small car a safe and stable ride on the highway and motorway. Motorists will notice the difference especially while driving on curvy roads. The US company Goodyear is also known for good minicar tyres.

The BF Goodrich Touring offers maximum control in every situation

Motorists will soon notice that they receive a significantly higher steering precision with the BF Goodrich Touring. In dry road braking performance is very good grip. Accordingly, the braking distance is also significantly shorter. Drivers can also count on the wet with excellent stability streets. The innovative profile with two vertical and several transversely positioned grooves ensures rapid drainage of water. This significantly increases the aquaplaning resistance of the BF Goodrich Touring. A stronger side structure for greater stability in the curves.

Even small vehicles can make a good impression on the winding country road or highway. With the BF Goodrich Touring safety and comfort in the small city car to be significantly increased. The brand Continental also offers high-quality tyres for small cars.

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