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Bf Goodrich g-force is a tyre manufacturing company. It is an extreme high level summer tyre brand. It develops tyres for muscle machines, sports cars, and pro touring vehicles for driving enthusiasts who wants a thrilling drive in the street to turn heads on. These tyres are designed especially and specifically for different vehicles and according to the vehicles the size of a tyre is assigned or made. From racing technology bf Goodrich g-force’s silica infused comp-2 which is a compound that helps in fast speed, to accelerate faster. It is a force racing tyre brand that also manufactures tyres for street roads and all kinds of vehicles. Winter car tyres are specifically designed and organized for the cold countries in which the weather is extremely cold and the roads are covered with extreme heavy snow where the ordinary tyre would not be able to perform well and make the driving safe and smooth. Switching to these winter tyres keeps the driving safe and keeps the driver free of panic in land sliding.

Structure of a tyre:

  • The tyre is built of steel belts that are consisting of high tensile to control the speed, breaks on gravel roads. It is available in all sizes for every vehicle.
  • The tyre belts are hooked to raise ETEC (equal tension containment).
  • The compounds used in the tyre are directional tread design moulded into stable shoulder blocks.

Tyres feature:

  • The tyre is made according to the type of vehicle. It depends on the size of a vehicle.
  • G-force was the first tyre that was made in 24 inches and it was made in 2004.
  • BF Goodrich g-force was the loudest on test drive.
  • The high quality rubber has been used for the making of a g-force tyre.
  • This brand ranks higher in the tyre maker brand company all over the world.

BF Goodrich G-force sport comp-2:

The BF Goodrich g-sport comp-2 allows to perform at high cruising speeds, extra ultra-high performance allows the driver to accelerate on a high speed with safety of crashing the tyre with any road hurdle that can harm the tyre and ultra-high performance protects the tyre from unwanted punctures.

Bf Goodrich g-force is the only tyre making brand that has elegant and classy designs of tyres according to the vehicle the tyre is designed to provide the customer and driver smooth cruises.

Conti winter contact TS 850:

It is a special tyre by this winter tyre brand. It is compact. It is lighter in size. The tyre is designed for the normal size vehicle it is small in size for the lighter weighed vehicles.

Conti winter contact TS 830:

Conti winter contact’s 830 is an excellent production of a winter tyre maker brand. TS 830 is designed for the sudden and immediate brake of a vehicle. It is also known as winter safety tyre and highly shaped for the brakes. The high quality rubber that is used in the making of this tyre is soft and plain that helps to give a smooth ride and safe drive on dirt, gravel, snowy, wet, dry and woody road.

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