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Barum NR 52: Premium tyres for the truck

The truck tyre Barum NR 52 are certainly not the cheapest models, but at the best. From the wet adhesion to energy efficiency the Pneus points with excellent results.

Barum: innovative tyre technology that inspires

The company Barum is from Czech Republic and operates since 1945 with the production of tyres for cars, trucks and off-road vehicles. Barum's Continental AG since 1993 and was able to expand rapidly in the course of time. Today, the company has, among other locations in Sweden, France and Germany. In the international market, the inexpensive tyre model Barum have long prevailed. For the modern tyre technology is sometimes responsible, which comes directly from the research centers of Continental AG. The range of Barum is extensive and includes in addition to tyres and car accessories. With the truck tyres from Barum series NR 52, the company presents a series of very powerful Pneus for Regional and long-distance routes.

Fuel-efficient and safe on the road with the Barum NR 52

The Barum NR 52 are tyres for trucks , which have been designed for speeds of up to 110 km/h. The tyres have a relatively compact design and have robust side surfaces. Through four longitudinal grooves in the tread water can be effectively dissipated. The tyres of the series Barum NR achieve both wet grip as well as energy efficiency good values ​​52nd In EU tyre label both areas with the C (AG) class are marked. Also cut at the external rolling noise the Barum NR 52 very well: with 70 decibels, the truck tyres are exceptionally quiet. Added to this is that the Barum NR 52 tyres have a long service life.

With the tyres of series Barum NR 52 customers buy quality tyres using Allround skills. The tubeless truck tyres are in all areas more than convincing and among the best of its kind.

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