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Barum BF 14 - robustness and reliability for the road

Especially with truck tyres , it depends on a high mileage and on economy. In commercial freight especially tyres are needed that are reliable even under heavy loads and can run high mileage.

Made for trucks

Truck tyres have special loads withstand: the high loading and high performance set a tyre on particularly. The Barum BF 14 has been designed, as well as possible to withstand these stresses particularly from the truck traffic and to make a high mileage despite enormous loads possible. Also security is at truck tyres a very important issue: steering and braking behavior must be as well, despite the high vehicle weight, even with a heavy load, the tyre must allow a high directional stability and stable cornering. The Barum BF 14 meets these requirements with flying colors actually - especially as regards the directional stability and braking, especially on wet surfaces is distinguished from the tyre. With its intelligent design it comes out even without additional reinforcements, and is yet more durable than enhanced competitors in the truck tyre sector. It allows the possibility safe, fuel-efficient driving in any weather conditions and with a high safety Plus, which is so important in commercial traffic.

Barum BF 14 - a truck tyres from Continental

The brand name Barum is merely a name - the company since the early nineties, a part of the Continental Corporation and the same stringent quality requirements as subject tyres, which are marketed under the name Continental. The production of tyres as the Barum BF 14 is done with the latest technology from Continental . This explains the good performance values ​​and the top places in many comparative tests reach the Barum tyres again. Barum tyres are still in the Czech Republic, in the middle of Europe, prepared.

The Barum BF 14 is a truck tyre that offers high safety standards, and an enormous durability and mileage has despite heavy load. It is very robust and has a low rolling resistance, which makes him for commercial use in freight transport a good choice.

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