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The Avon ZZ5

Avon guaranteed sportiness and high security with each tyre. The car tyres Avon ZZ5 is one of the models of this brand. Passionate car drivers will be impressed by the performance of this tyre, because it can rely on in any situation on a constant power.

The perfect solution for sporting motorists

For more than 100 years, the traditional British brand Avon behind the development and production of premium tyres. Whether the motorcycle or car, Avon tyres provide optimum grip. This also proves the Avon ZZ5. It is a high-performance tyre, the driver can bring their powerful cars to the limit, without compromising security. Just like Avon winter tyres that provide on snow and ice for high traction, as well as the Avon allows ZZ5 peak performance on dry and wet roads. The innovative technology, some of which are used is used in Formula 1, is an integral part of ZZ5.

Tested on the racetrack

The Avon ZZ5 is among other reasons so popular because it is designed, manufactured and tested in Europe. The Asymmetric Tread Design dividing the tread of the tyre into three zones. This reach driver on tyres significantly better performance on wet and dry roads. The tread compound has a high silica content, which ensures excellent traction. Opti-noise technology reduces noise and thus ensures significantly greater driving comfort. Two additional rayon layers and a specially adapted tyre design enable direct and reliable steering. The built in Avon ZZ5 rim flange protection ensures that sensitive aluminum wheels are not damaged. This tyre was successfully tested on racetracks in almost all of Europe.

Passionate car drivers will be impressed by the performance of the Avon ZZ5. The tyre promises a safe and precise steering and short braking distances. Thanks to the special profile design to drive very quiet and comfortable with the Avon ZZ5. The tyre manufacturer Continental also offers sports tyres with similarly good properties.

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