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The Avon ZV5 - comfortable economy

Even the Avon ZV5 is - like so many summer tyres from Avon , a comfort specialist. But in addition the Avon ZV5 a very high efficiency - making it the optimum tyres for frequent trips for longer distances.

Driving comfort playing on longer distances an important role

Ride comfort, which puts away from bumps and noise: according to these criteria is measured how much a car tyre can contribute to ride comfort - or not. In the case of Avon ZV5 this is very much: the tyre enhances driving comfort while noticeably each vehicle. In addition a high cost - in terms of fuel consumption have virtually all tests praised the high performances of Avon ZV5. That makes him especially to an optimum tyre for frequent drivers on long journeys. Driving is comfortable, enjoyable - and the fuel consumption is reduced. However Brutale sporty driving style does not belong in the profession of Avon ZV5 - like most tyres from Avon he brings his best performances closer to set the run without high load variations and with no testing of border areas.

More than a century of experience in tyre production

Avon is a traditional brand that manufactures car tyres for over a hundred years. With the latest technology here are summer tyres , but also manufactured tyres for motorcycles and racing. Avon is an important goal of the production in the car sector, especially in the manufacture of tyres, which offer a comfortable ride, and are a good alternative especially for longer distances by low fuel consumption. Just as the Avon ZV5

Convenient and economical: the Avon ZV5 is a tyre that is ideal for frequent trips to longer distances in more leisurely driving. Both the ride comfort, noise, and the handling of irregularities can be a lot more comfortable with the Avon ZV5 driving. Besides the Avon ZV5 also reduces fuel consumption - which makes even joy.

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