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Avon Ranger 70 of 4x4 car tyres

The Avon Ranger 70 is a SUV summer tyres whose strengths come into play especially in heavy and strong vehicles. A car tyre which is used by its profile and structure of the rubber compound mostly on paved roads. But also in the area of ​​Avon Ranger has its merits because it comes very well with gravel or stony ground.

The smooth running of the Avon Ranger 70

Avon Rubber is a British manufacturer, which can be seen as the name already, is very versatile engaged in the production of rubber products. Among the biggest successes of the company in the field of car tyres is one that supplies the Formula 1 early 80s. The Avon Ranger 70 is one of the top models of the tyre manufacturer for car classes with higher weight and ensures even at higher speeds for a smooth running. Powerful vehicles received particularly on wet roads a good grip. Compared to other models in this category thus there is less risk of aquaplaning.

The Avon Ranger 70 is a robust summer tyres

The fabric layer and the sidewall was made very sturdy, which the Avon Ranger 70 enormous pressure to withstand. Furthermore, the duty tyres has a long service life with regular abrasion. The 4x4 tyre has good traction behavior which is specially designed for horsepower vehicles. Even under hard acceleration produces the Avon Ranger 70 a good grip and provides a great driving experience. When cornering, this tyre is extremely stable on dry and wet surfaces and ensures a pleasant feeling in steering the vehicle.

The Avon Ranger 70 is suitable for people with a powerful and heavy vehicles. High speeds on motorways are not a problem for this car tyre. The biggest advantages of the summer tyre refer to the good grip on wet surfaces and a robust and durable construction.

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