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The Avon Ranger 65 - Comfort summer tyres for off-road vehicles in road maintenance

The Ranger series from Avon is especially designed as a whole to comfort, brings but at the same time good performance values ​​under all road conditions. This is also true for the Avon Ranger 65, the off-road tyres Summer Series.

Comfortable, robust and powerful

The Avon Ranger 65 not only ensures comfort - it is also a good and very reliable tyre, which brings a really good performance for all-wheel-drive vehicles and SUVs on the summer streets. Also easy terrain he is just so off, has there also have good traction on difficult surfaces, for serious off-road driving, the Avon Ranger 65 is then, however, only a very limited extent. He is practically a pure road tyre for exclusive summer operation. There he waits for it with excellent braking values, a superior wet performance and good and agile handling on, transmits the braking forces and the steering forces clean and precisely to the road and provides under almost all summer weather conditions excellent adhesion. Its robustness is the off-road tyres benefit even in roughest environments, the Avon Ranger 65 infected even rough handling still well away. Even at high speeds on the road it has still a lot of stability and directional stability.

The specialist for off-road tyres with high performance

Avon is a product of the house Cooper - and it shows the Avon Ranger 65 with its performance and all its characteristics even immediately. Cooper is considered the unchallenged specialist among the tyre manufacturers for the offroad area.

The Avon Ranger 65 is an off-road tyres for the predominant road use that shines with good stability and compelling performance. Also at comfort he is far ahead in the leading group, and high speeds are no problem for him. It can thus be difficult to deny, for any proven home it originates.

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