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Avon Rangemaster - All-terrain tyres for Range Rover

All-terrain tyres are the all-rounder among off-road tyres. They show on the road a balanced driving performance, can in the field strengths, however, play particularly well. designed especially for Range Rover is the Avon Rangemaster. The off-road tyre is standard of Rover Defenders, makes but also to other wheel car a good figure.

For use on numerous substrates

The profile of Avon Range Master is impressive. A jagged midrib divides the profile into two blocks. In both, there are deep, Y-shaped sipes. These give the Avon Rangemaster a secure grip on very different substrates. On gravel the off-road tyre moves as safe as on slushy and muddy trails. The shoulders are edged maintained to protect the sides of the tyre in front of gravel, pebbles and stones. Avon, a British subsidiary of Cooper tyre & Rubber Company of the USA, thus bringing the Avon Rangemaster an extremely robust tyre on the market.

Offroad Pneu which convinces also in town

But if you travel to the city can convince Rangemaster of Avon. On asphalt can grip and traction not after, beyond the offers Offroad Pneu a surprisingly comfortable ride. Security guarantees of Avon Rangemaster case under dry conditions as well as on wet surfaces. Snow provides for versatile tyre is also not a problem. The robust tread with proven silica compounds achieve high mileage. In the speed category N, the Avon Rangemaster up to 140 km/h can be driven quickly.

Whether for professional use in agriculture or for sporting excursions into the area, the Avon Rangemaster proves itself as a versatile tyre. Regardless of whether it is run on asphalt or gravel roads, its performance is convincing in all conditions.

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