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Avon Ice Touring - the powerful winter tyres

The Avon Ice Touring proves once again that US manufacturers his craft understands: Equipped with a high-quality tyre tread, the Avon Ice Touring extremely powerful and guaranteed maximum driving pleasure even in the cold season.

High grip and excellent handling

The US tyre specialist Avon has thanks to the high quality of all models feature an extremely good reputation. This is also confirmed by the Avon Ice Touring, which is equipped with a special tread pattern. Due to the high silica content in the rubber composition of the Avon Ice Touring also offers outstanding performance on icy or slippery roads. Moreover, this model as well as the other is Avon winter tyres equipped with a large number of slats, so that the tread blocks always remain flexible even at extremely low temperatures. This also has a direct positive impact on the grip and traction, so that even with snow and ice a safe drive can be ensured. In addition, the Avon Ice Touring features a spacious arrangement of the tread blocks, which prevents the clogging of all the blocks through the snow.

Avon Ice Touring is a high performance tyre of Cooper Tyre Company

The Avon brand is part of the internationally active Cooper Tyre Company. This company based in Ohio among the world's leading tyre manufacturers and has a large know-how and a long experience in the field of tyre production. Whether for everyday or sporting event - with Avon tyres one is well served by security. Noteworthy is the wide selection of Avon-models , which are all driving and weather conditions meet.

The Avon Ice Touring is a high performance tyre that provides even at freezing temperatures for safe and comfortable trips. For this include the elaborately designed tread pattern and the spacious arrangement of the tread blocks responsible, which guarantee excellent traction and perfect handling even in adverse conditions.

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