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Avon AM26 Roadrider Tyres

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Avon Roadrider AM26 Tyre

If we talk about motorbike tyres, then Avon needs no introduction. The global leader in vulcanised rubber is among the most respected brands in Europe and North America. The company has grown a lot since the time of its inception and had years of experience.

It utilises its experience to a full extent by introducing products that are highly innovative. Among the several top quality products from the company, there is Avon Roadrider AM26 tyre. It is one of the commonly used motorbike tyres among the users. The primary reason being the value that it delivers.

Best for hard and wet surfaces

The tyre Avon Roadrider AM26 is specifically designed for roads. It means that this tyre is best for intercity transportation. The tyre is made of Avon’s signature silica compound that is heavily bound with the polymer. The tread design here is asymmetrical and works perfectly well with the circumferential grooves. Even if there are wet road conditions, this tyre will do great due to its large footprint.

Price factor in tyre Avon Roadrider AM26

Some of you might think that the price of this tyre is on the high side. However, the AM26 tyre is competitively priced. The tyre also provides numerous benefits to the end users such as noise cancellation, friction reduction, superior gripping, water channelling and durability. All these features come together to provide you with maximum value for your investment. 

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