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Based in Kerala, India, Apollo Tyres is the world’s 17th largest manufacturer of tyres in the world. Apollo has been instrumental in churning out world-class quality tyres in the four and a half decades of its existence. Apollo tyres have been known for their strong grip and a good sense of noise reduction. Recently, they have also taken up the task to manufacture and distribute tyres for pick-up trucks and motorbikes as well. So, what are some of the features which make Apollo Tyres of the highest standard? Let us find out.

Going an extra mile with Apollo Tyres:

The Apollo Tyres boast an efficient mechanism for the traction of their world-class tyres. This tried and tested mechanism has proven Apollo Tyres to be a strong game player in the context of traction efficiency. Whether it be a dry road on a hot and sunny day, or a wet road on a cloudy or snowy morning, the Apollo Tyres will not let you down, literally. Apollo Tyres also feature a smart sense of noise reduction as the tyres have been built with all those noise and disturbance in mind. The sturdy material of the tyre’s exterior ensures that the ride will neither be bumpy nor uncomfortable. And the driver will never have to worry driving around those sneaky turns as the Apollo Tyres aid the vehicle in its braking ability. Even at a smaller distance, the Apollo Tyres aid the vehicle in the braking process and make up for a comfortable and safe braking action.

How to Get the Most Out Of These Tyres:

One must always remember to keep the pressure of these tyres in check. A tyre with a low pressure negatively affects the life of the tyre and improves chances of your vehicle crashing. The alignment and rotation checks should also be done on a monthly basis. Visit the nearest tyre shop for more tests such as these.

Guide To Buy Apollo Tyres

Apollo Tyres price vary from product to product. To buy Apollo Tyres, either visit a certified Apollo Tyres shop or a trusted website which will help you to buy cheap Apollo Tyres. If you’re going to buy Apollo Tyres online, you will also be told of the amazing warranty deals which they are offering. Currently, Apollo Tyres offers a 2-year warranty; wherein if the tyre becomes unserviceable, the warranty can be claimed. If the tyres wear out within 2 years or if they have worn out 50%, then you can request a new replacement.

Overall, the Apollo Tyres offer a great deal with great functionality and features.

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