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The Apollo Hawkz Winter - rounder for winter use

As winter-rounder for SUVs and SUVs in highway service of Apollo Hawkz Winter makes a thoroughly good impression - balanced properties, good comfort and low rolling resistance and good wet characteristics make it as off-road winter tyres to a pleasant companion.

Optimized design

The eye-catching, directional tread design of the Apollo Hawkz Winter not only ensures optimal traction on all winter roads, but also ensures good handling characteristics on wet roads in winter temperatures. The two wide longitudinal grooves selected lead to a good drainage of the tyre. For optimum tracking stability and the really excellent braking performance on all surfaces, especially the wide, articulated shoulders of the tyre makes. A variety of gripping edges keeps the vehicle on snow road surfaces with good traction on the track. For off-road use in winter the Apollo Hawkz Winter is good only partly - from its design wise he is intended for vehicles that are operated only on the road in winter. But he also provides more comfort and a much lower rolling resistance than "real" off-road tyres .

Apollo - modern, emerging Indian tyre manufacturer

Founded in 1976 Apollo now supplies more than 30 percent of its tyres produced in Europe and has already won here in the market a solid reputation. 2008 was the fourth plant opened in Kerala, shortly afterwards acquired bands BV the entyre Africa area of ​​Dunlop and Vredestein. Apollo tyres is thus quite be regarded as ambitious company with a large market potential, the quality of produced tyres is at very high levels, not least through the acquisition of technology from the two European companies. By 2016, the company's tenth largest tyre manufacturer wants to be worldwide, yet it holds 15th place held.

The Apollo Hawkz Winter is a solid winter tyres for off-road vehicles in road maintenance, with balanced, uniformly good properties under all road conditions in winter.

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