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Alliance Tyre Group is an established name in auto market that earns name and fame because of its high performance tyres. Alliance tyres have become a sign of high quality and super standard. They have their appearance in 120 countries in 6 continents and are applauded by the experts and drivers across the globe.

History of Alliance Tyres

Founded in 1950 in Israel by immigrants from Europe, the Alliance brand began it’s life offering car tyres. The company enjoyed reasonable success in this market, but in the 1960s the company started offering tractor tires and has since become the industry standard for excellent in tractor tyres. Their tractor tyres have become globally popular. During the Cold War, Alliance surreptitiously sold it’s tyre models to the eastern block nations via Cuba. They were able to capitalize on some of the market needs in the Soviet countries in order to make a substantial profit. During the following four decades, Alliance has increased it’s market holdings by purchasing GPX and beginning to make the Galaxy tyre model.

The Alliance name brand was acquired in 2007 by the Mahansaria family with financial support from the capital group Warburg Pincus. The brand name was kept intact, and the addition of the GPX name in 2009 and the Primex brand name recently has given Alliance a wider market share over other makers. In 2013 Warburg Pincus sold it’s stake in Alliance to KKR, a capital group. At that time the initial investment of Warburg Pincus had returned 4x to the company. The company now continues to manufacture excellent tyre models and employs about 900 people.

Still a small company with just over 160 million in gross sales, Alliance represents a boutique market player in the tyre industry. They still offer a wide variety of tractor tyre models and are still widely known for their excellent construction and durability, along with a fair price for the quality.

With its regional headquarters in US, South Africa, India, and Israel, Alliance tyres have made their mark for their extra ordinary and superb off high way tyres, Galaxy tyres, industrial tyres, Primex tyres, and Row crop tyres showing outstanding performance for their respective fields.

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